Wednesday 16 May 2012

The Avengers Hero Car - Before and After

The team working on Avengers Assemble had to make some pretty drastic changes to their donor vehicle to create the car that Iron Man would drive away in at the end of the film.

The original car used

Rick Bordonaro, VP of Business Development at Oxnard, the company that carried out the build in California, described the process:

"We took a variety of materials and tooling foams and bonded them to the car in roughed-out block form. We used the CNC machine to make the design… we machined the basic geometry into the foam, then hard coated it, then machined it again. It went on for two days, round the clock.

After that was a lot of detail work. The front end is a fibreglass clip. We made epoxy front panels from moulds…We had to use a different windscreen. We had to fabricate lenses for the taillights. The car has updated wheels and tires and suspension and brake rotors. We had to update it beyond its 1991 looks because the brakes and calipers were exposed."

They had 5 weeks in total to complete the project, and the results are impressive.

The finished car, used in the film

Read the full story and see more pics here

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