Wednesday 17 October 2012

Customer Focus: Names In Lights

For the very first Customer Focus, we spoke to Names In Lights. Based in Wirral, they make custom decorative lights – mainly in the shape of words, although they have been known to dabble in something a little different. The lights are made using our clear cast resin, strengthening and UV additives, and occasionally our gelcoats and topcoats on bespoke projects.

We spoke to Jill Bonner, one of the partners there, about how they came to create their lights and how they do it.

How long has your company been in business?

We have had our website up and running since February of this year, although the development of our range and designing the site took a lot longer.

How did you find yourself making these products?

As a couple, we are both quite creative. While I have always worked in media such as sculpture and illustration, John likes to work with electronics. Names In Lights evolved through a quite simple process of combining our interests.
Once we had made a few and lived with them for a while, we decided that they were really something you should be able to buy.

Why do you use the CFS products mentioned above?

The strengthening additive gives our lights the best chances of surviving any impact, and the UV additive will help keep our lights looking pristine and clear for the longest possible time.

Take us through the process of making your product.

We make our moulds from our own hand carved alphabet. As there is, "more to them than meets the eye", each is made to our specific design so that the light travels around the letter. We cast in three layers, with the centre layer containing our own special additives that create the unique crystal-like properties of our letters.
Once set, we like to leave the letters in a bath of mineral oil for a few days.
The plinths are made from English oak. We work with sliced butchers block, so they are an array of fantastic end-grains. Each plinth is custom made for the specific word, then sanded and waxed to a beautiful silky finish.
Once the word is bonded into its plinth, it is finished with a black fill.
Finally, up to four LED lights per letter are added, positioned to give the optimum light effect.

We think these lights are great! You can read more about what Names In Lights does, and place an order here.

If you make interesting creations using our products, and would like us to feature your business in a future Customer Focus, please email us!

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