Monday 17 December 2012

Customer Focus: David Imrie's Christmas Sleigh

For this festive edition of Customer Focus, we spoke to David Imrie, a customer who has been using our products to revamp and remodel Santa’s sleigh!

A nice festive red!

Having no previous experience of using fibreglass at all, he decided to give it a whirl with some technical help from us – in his own words, “How hard can it be?!”

David is a member of Haverhill Round Table, and every year in the two weeks leading up to Christmas they tour around their local towns and villages with Santa on his sleigh, meeting children and raising money for local causes including the Round Table hosted OAP Christmas Party – which is so well attended they have to do it twice!

The sleigh as it had looked for many years

The ‘old’ sleigh had served them well for over 20 years. Each year, David was asked to check the electrics ready for its annual outing, then it got a quick paint touch up and it’d be out on the road.

In January of this year however, he decided to give the sleigh a much needed makeover, and proceeded to take the old one apart and start all over again! The effect he wanted was that of glossy vehicle bodywork, so he took to the internet to find out how best to achieve this. That’s when he came across CFS! He used our guides and advice to help him, got an idea of what he would need and placed his first order.

The finished sleigh, complete with reindeer

Using our resin, CSM, pigments and tools he has managed to achieve something really great! He’s brought the sleigh into the 21st century with the addition of a Santa Nav, iPhone hands free kit for Santa to phone Mrs Claus, radar and lots of buttons and switches for the children to play with.

We're sure the kids will be impressed with Santa's new hi-tech sleigh, and we hope they raise lots of money for their chosen charities this year.

If you'd like more info on the Round Table, visit their website at

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