Tuesday 3 December 2013

This Month In Fibreglass: November 2013

We bring you the worldwide web's composite news round-up that no-one else would print. Read below for everything you need to know about sanding robots, turtle aerodynamics and placentas in resin.

North Pole Horror

Santa, no regrets
Police are no closer to finding the elf that went on a north pole rampage this week..........
Only joking kids, Santa is alive and well and his likeness is being diplayed as this wonderfully tasteful 180kg fibreglass statue. Looking over the population of Taunton Green (in the USA, of course), just standing there judging peoples behaviour, like he does.

Apologies to our regular readers, it's another statue. Source article is here.

Mech Arm Makes Dust

Jim was happy he got a promotion from drying paint supervisor
If you are anything like me you will have dreamed of owning a mechanical hand to take care of
lifes' dirty jobs. Well now, thanks to EMMA, you can at least get your sanding done by remote control. EMMA stands for Easily Manipulated Mechanical Arm (well done guys!) and you can let her (it?) do the hard work while you play with a joystick. EMMAs' arm was developed to prevent vibration injuries for the poor chaps sanding wings of Boeing's and Airbusses. Read the full story here.

Racing Turtles Get Aero Upgrade

No, of course not, although scientists are using wind tunnel technology to assess the effects of satellite tags and other research equipment that they like to attach to turtles. This report also tells us how much has been 'shelled' out.

Now grown up, the ninja turtles struggled to find paid work

An Ill Conceived Idea?

Ever wondered what the next big thing in resin casting will be, I am absolutely sure it's placenta, really. This Amanda Cotton is creating photo frames using boiled and ground birth leftovers. You be the judge of whether it's a beautiful thing, I expect with all orders you will have to wait for a delivery!! Thanks to the mail online for this one.

Nice frame, but will it cell?

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