Friday 6 June 2014

This Month in Fibreglass: June 2014

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The Tracks of Might, Here's

Colonel Sims has had to postpone the revolution , the factory door is too small.
One of the many great things about working at CFS is that we get to see an ecletic mix of customer projects. None more extreme than this: Jamie Sims' 15ft light tank. I think he may be considering annexing parts of Leicestershire. If you live there, it's time to bow to your new leader.

Of course not - this is stage furniture for metal band Sabaton's world tour. We have seen Jamie's previous work before, but this time he's gone massive! Some clever secrets here, the wheels are fibreglass and the track blocks (of which there are many) are cast from fastcast polyurethane. We all agree, it's going to make one hell of an impact.

They Got The Horn

A man, proudly displaying his huge woofer
The Science Museum currently has this on display, the worlds largest audio loudspeaker, an "Exponential Horn", and at 27ft long it's a beauty. Artist Aleksander Kolkowski had the idea to recreate the popular exhibition from the 1930s, and is was built in fibreglass by those people in the picture below...

Another batch of hand reared laminators ready to leave the nest.

Glue Thunder  

And to close, some boffins have created a little chopper that fires out a powerful adhesive. Designed for rescue of contaminated objects in dangerous or inaccessible situations, such as my pants.

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