Wednesday 17 June 2015

This Month in Fibreglass: June 2015

This month is so eclectic even I can't think of a connection.

Half Baked

Say cheese
This is the "Roadcut" art exhibit by Mike Womack currently being displayed at Thelma Sadoff Center for the Arts in Fond du La, somewhere in the US of A. A towering monolith of tasty cheese snacks stuck together with epoxy. Except sometime during the night.....

It's Snackered fell over due to some engineering oversights, such as it's made of Cheetos or if you are a british child of the '80s, Wotsits.
So the idea is the statue was "meant to make a statement about Western consumerism" of course it is, I knew it all along. According to Kevin Miller, executive director of the art centre, the piece is currently "not destroyed," Miller said. "It is in its next phase." I must remember that next time I smash something.
More detail can be found here.

Half Assed

Joshua yesterday. Still dreaming of being an Arsenal centre-half
Scotlands animal welfare agency got an emergency call about a neglected donkey, according to Officer Bill Little "The caller stated the donkey was kept in the back garden of a house in Airdrie and tied to a fence without any shelter." Awwwww.
So Bill hit the blues and twos and rushed over to the garden to save the poor beast. After doing a full and thorough investigation at the scene, Bill realised it was no ordinary donkey, "The donkey is made of fibreglass and goes by the name Joshua", "maybe the person who reported it just doesn't know donkeys very well as real ones don't stand that still."

Free Willy

Did you blow a seal? Yes, but what's that got to do with the engine?
No, this is not a japanese research boat bringing in a killer whale for scientific reasons, this whopping bit of orca shaped fibreglass is being used to scare sea lions away from a dock at Astoria Port, Oregon, US of A.
Piloting this vessel was John Wilfer and it was going well until his whale got capsized by a passing cargo ship.
John Wilfer, happy not using the rear hatch
And here's our favourite quotes....
"The only thing I can tell you is I don’t know what I’m doing,"
"They [the sea lions] probably think it’s dead now that it’s belly up,"
 And the worst-case scenario? "They sit and laugh at us," only it was even worse than the thousand onlookers could have anticipated.
Want more details on why? Click here.

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