Tuesday 27 October 2015

How to make a spooky Zombie hand for Halloween!

It's the last week before Halloween, so we thought we'd share this really cool Zombie Plant!

This would be so simple to make yourself - you could do loads and have a Zombie Garden - or get the whole family involved and have kiddy zombies too! 

To make a cast of your hand, all you would need is:

A bucket
Your own choice of decorations - be it paint, bandages - or why not glitter for a glamorous, sparkly spook?!

1) Mix your alginate according to instructions, and pour it into your bucket.
2) Then place your hand in, creating whatever shape you'd like with your fingers
3) Wait for the alginate to set (about 15 minutes), then carefully pull your hand out.
4) Mix up your plaster and pour it in! The plaster should have set after around 20 minutes, then you simply break away the alginate and you're ready to go.

1) Don't make your fingers too curled, it'll make it harder to remove your hand from the alginate without damaging the mould
2) Only immerse your hand up to your wrist - any deeper and again, it'll be difficult to remove without damaging the mould

You could use your plaster hands in loads of different ways to decorate your Halloween party or just generally creepify your house a bit! We'll be sharing some more ideas in the lead up to Halloween so keep your googly eyes peeled...

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