Wednesday 13 April 2016

This Month in Fibreglass: April 2016

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 Top Spinner

The insect world is well in fashion at the moment with the likes of butterfly wing buildings, drones that swarm and foot-long insects capable of communicating wirelessly and performing group tasks that crawl all over a picnic and put you off your sandwiches. Proper scary stuff.
Well here is a new thing, and I think it's one step closer to my own personal Spiderman web spinner.

No Mr Bond, I expect you to die....
Obviously a bit big to strap to my arm and just a bit slow at 10mm a second, the 3D cocooner by Festo is "a vertically arranged tripod and robotic spinneret (the organ through which spiders, silkworms, and caterpillars produce and spin their thread), the 3D Cocooner’s fiberglass resin is hardened in mid-air via an attached UV-curing light." Obviously you should keep it in the bath when not in use.

Sit-suma or Loungerine?

Ball Chair
Eero Aarnio the great man of fibreglass furniture and inventor of the ball chair is having an exhibition at the Design Museum Helsinki. As a child of the seventies, I have always fancied one - especially after seeing such things in many futuristic films like, I don't know, some old ones and in more recent movies too like Mars Attacks, Austin Powers and Zoolander.
It is considered a classic of industrial design and more recent versions have increased the overall size and added interesting features including music and MP3 player integration.

Cock Chair
The ball chair spawned many other styles by Eero, like the tomato chair, modeled above by Mousse T (remember him?).

Lobster Pot

Personally, I think coming face to face with a 17 metre fibreglass crustacean would be a living nightmare. I mean, just look at it! This one was about to land in some hot water because it's falling to bits.
Now, the townsfolk of Kingston in Australia have raised $30,000 dollars to get it repaired. Because "Larry" has a partially detached leg that swings in the wind. Mine does that too.
An engineer’s report has found Larry needs to be substantially rebuilt including a new outer skin, structural repairs and new concrete foot columns. That's a lot of plastic surgery...

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