Tuesday 2 August 2016

This Month In Fibreglass: August 2016

This month we have extreme up-cycling that makes you think about the war; an ultra luxury champagne glass that makes you think there is more money than sense; and deadly clear castings that make you ask, where's that been?

Up-Cycling V2.0

The V2 rocket built by the Germans as the "vengance weapon" and the first long range ballistic missile. If you happen to have one maybe half buried in the garden, dig it up now, cut a hole in the side (just be really, really careful) and voila! A lovely armchair for your childs bedroom. This month we are jumping on that Nazi themed bedroom furniture bandwagon to bring you "Rocky Rocket" just the thing to light up the eyes of any youngster with ideas of world domination.
Excitement builds as the first Rocky Rocket armchair is installed just outside of Berlin
Don't worry if you can't up-cycle a real V2 because, just like me, Rocky Rocket can be bought 
as a replica with red velvet upholstery encased in a fibreglass body, complete with built-in sound system and historical propaganda CDs.


This flute plays you!
Got a lot of cash you need to get rid of in a hurry? Organising a party? Just $120,000 will buy you one (yes, just one) of these champagne "glasses", the ultimate in luxury boozing. So, we hear you ask what do you get for all those dollars? Well, its not all for fizzy wine, you fools, this amazing device will hold many different types of liquids in its 18 carat gold lined fluid bowl which was made with 6 plies of a 1k, 2x2 woven twill carbon fibre and 1 mm thick, so you wont have to worry about dropping it.... much.
The base is made from 100g of solid 18k gold to stop it falling over, add a sprinkling of  high-end materials including diamonds and a spanking gold case to add a touch of value for money. 

”The diamond inside stimulates the champagne bubbles and boosts the bouquet.”
Isn't it a little over the top for a dinner party? Maybe, but it wouldn't it be the best centre piece at any Satanic meeting. When he sees this thing filled with goats blood, our Dark Lord might overlook that I couldn't find a virgin.

Load of Ballistics

Copper flowers can be deadly
America loves it's guns and ammo and whatever your views on that, there is still art to be had from their corner shop death machines. What we have here are resin cast bullets, some fresh from the makers and some fresh from sending something to its maker.
Is this type of thing a viable business? Seems like yes as the artist Jason Bell is getting orders from people who want their first hunting kill shot encased, but also from people who have had bullets removed from within their body to keep as a jolly momento, what fun!

In case of emergency - Smash glass
But also orders come from bullet manufacturers who would like their products cast for eternity in clear plastic. Which brings this rather gruesome quote about the makers of the new highly destructive R.I.P. (Radically Invasive Projectile) bullet that is said to be designed to shred tissue and organs.
      "They want to show the public what that bullet will do once it enters ... some type of soft tissue," Bell said.

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