Wednesday 15 March 2017

This Month In Fibreglass: March 2017

Where else can you find a compilation of news stories so diverse as wool based composites, massive dragons and Greek/Australian porch pillars. Only in our blog, no refunds for wasted life here...

No Sweat-er

Somewhere for you to relax
Using a sheeps backside as somewhere to rest your backside is nothing new, I've been doing it for years. What makes this a good idea I wish I thought of though, is compressing wool and using it as a composite reinforcement, it's genius and that's what they do at Solidwool. It's not just posh chairs, you can also make table and drink coasters amongst other items.

Somewhere for ewe to Relax
The BBC have featured the Devon couple involved in a TV show where they explain....
"We learnt that the coarse wool from hill-farmed, upland sheep had dramatically lost its value in recent years. Historically used in the UK carpet industry, demand had declined and the wool was now considered almost worthless, a by-product of sheep farming.
"We had the wool. Now to find a use for it. Something which would reinvent this wool and give it value once again. To take the unwanted and make it beautiful, to turn the way we have always worked with wool on it's head." Read more here.


Extreme Dentistry
So keeping up with the Game of Thrones and er other dragon things, meet Dewi and Dwynwen two huge winged beasts touring Wales, causing a fuss and having a smoke.

Four-metre (13ft) wide, smoke-breathing Dewi attracted a record-breaking 120,000 visitors to Cadw sites across Wales in 2016. Dewi and Dwynwen weigh two tonnes, and were sculpted and moulded before being cast out of fibreglass by friends of ours, Wild Creations of Cardiff

Greek Triumph

Hades pillars are fantastic
We love pointless local news stories and this will make you wonder how quiet parts of Australia are to report how proud Conrad Gerbouris (72), a Greek living in Austrailia, is with his front porch. As you can see from the pictures Conrads fibreglass pillars are amazing and just like the Parthenon (his house is the left half).
But it's just Conrads general attitude to everything that we find brilliant, let's share some of his quotes..
[on the subject of fibreglass pillars] “I picked them up from a bloke down the road with a garden shop. It’s not real concrete but it lasts longer anyway”.
[on the subject of his house]  “They keep telling me to sell this s**t and move to the suburbs. They reckon I could pull in over two million for an inner city terrace house like this”
“I can tell you it’ll be worth a lot f**king more now with these pillars".
Thanks to The Baboota Advocate for our giggle this morning.

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