Tuesday 17 July 2018

Customer Focus: Jade Bowmer

It's been a while since we had a chat with one of our customers, so we got in touch with local artist, Jade Bowmer. Jade skilfully uses our Water Clear Epoxy resin to create her marine-inspired masterpieces.

Jade Bowmer, with her piece, 'Adaption'

In Jade's own words, "having grown up living in Cornwall, the sea has always been important to me and has hugely influenced my practice, I think perhaps that’s why I am so interested in water and also why I choose to work with resin. In my work I aim to capture those moments of fluidity and
movement I see when watching the waves."

She definitely succeeds in doing so, her pieces really look as though they're drifting and flowing before your eyes.

'Ocean Ridge'

"To recreate the feel of these incredible environments I mix and pour coloured resin in an unconventional way; using the heat from a butane blow torch to facilitate the resin flow. This process allows me to create unique abstract worlds with immersive detail, depth and flow. I am also interested in using water in its frozen state as a ‘ready-made’ object in unusual or unexpected contexts and enjoy working in various mediums including sculpture, painting, film and installation."

Jade's work has been showcased in various Cornish galleries, as well as at the Tate Modern in London as part of their 'Inside Job' exhibition.

You can see more of Jade's work over on her website, Facebook page and Instagram

If you use any of our products to make your own masterpieces and you'd like us to feature your work, please get in touch.

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