Friday 11 November 2011

Developments in Composites for Renewable Energy

A new polyurethane composite has been developed by Bayer Material Science that will be used in the manufacture of blades for wind turbines.

The renewables industry is making a move toward longer and larger blades for wind turbines, and needs a more durable solution than the traditional epoxy or vinylester resins. The polyurethane resin cures faster, meaning less time is spent in manufacture which in turn saves time, money and energy.

There are many sites throughout the UK and Europe that are being targeted for growth of renewable energy, specifically in the marine sector, with the EU expected to be producing 40GW of renewable energy by 2020. Cornwall is among the most naturally capable on this list. The deep harbours and extensive coastline mean that off shore wind farms and wave power stations are ideally suited to the environment. Companies such as Regen SW are at the forefront of ensuring that the South West of England's resources are used to their full potential.

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