Monday 31 October 2011

Happy Halloween from CFS!

At this spooky time of year, many people are carving pumpkins, attending Halloween fancy dress parties and taking their kids to the houses of unsuspecting neighbours demanding sweets.

Perhaps you have been getting in the haunting spirit by watching your favourite horror films (maybe from behind the sofa? - personally I prefer a blanket for protection), and wondering how they make those effects so scary?
Asylum has compiled a great guide to special effects and how they are produced.

It may interest our readers to know that fibreglass materials are used heavily in special effect production - in fact we supply several special effects companies across the UK

Lifelike severed body parts are moulded using alginate and fibreglass and finished with silicone; replica weapons are often made using polyurethane foam; and demons and monsters can be built around a fibreglass skeleton.

We would love to know if you've ever made anything ghastly out of fibreglass materials - even better if you can send us a picture!

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