Wednesday 27 March 2013

Customer Focus: The future of personal protection.

Yes, we have all seen the future, films like Robocop, Terminator and the like. Post-apocalyptic gangs are ruling the burning remains of what we used to call England, how are we going to pop down the shops without being shot, laser'd or blown apart. I always imagined "Mech-suits" are the future and CFS customer Jo Betteley gives us a preview of what it means to look cool and be deadly when picking up 2 pints of blue top and a lottery ticket in the year 2052.
"Just nipping to Costcutters, dear"

"Shattered Man" is 10ft tall, equipped with 'working' rocket pods and mini gun.......

To ensure it meets emissions regulations of the future he is solar powered, what a relief.

When civilisation collapses, the weather will improve, probably.

Until the end of the world then, Shattered Man is earning his keep as a promotional tool for lifestyle clothing company Shattered Industries. Jo is suprisingly secretive about weapon specifications but when asked about the build of this monster he said, "The suit is built entirely of fibreglass [from CFS, of course] around an inner harness which fits my body, in some places fibreglass over foam was used to create the various shapes."
Prices start from after the bombs drop.

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