Thursday 11 April 2013

Big month for fibreglass statues

If you are over 20 feet tall and made of plastic, the worlds eyes are probably focused squarely on you. 2013 looks to be dubbed "The Year of the Fibreglass Statue!" or not, but everyone wants one, it seems. I am sure there's a lady statue out there for these three handsome chaps.

Starting in the good 'ol US of A, lucky lumberjack Big Mike has been restored & moved to Hayward California. Mike is 20ft tall, keeping shy of his weight but has a GSOH and dazzling green eyes.

"Ladies, this is how I hold my axe"

Full story on Big Mikes' erection click here.

Next on the list of eligible man statues is Zuverman or He-Man or simply The Giant, whatever his name is this gent was born in the '60's, also 20ft tall and is one ton of pure plastic muscle.....

This fibreglass muscleman comes complete with ripped biceps, tree-trunk thighs and eight-pack abs, the statue once straddled the entrance to Zuver's body-building gym at "Muscle Beach" in Venice, California.

Years of staring at a dead spider can drive a man crazy.

A collector recently paid Comalli $2,500 for the statue and plans to move it to Pennsylvania, where he will be reunited with his giant 2,000-lb dumbbells.
Find the full story on muscleman here.

If size is everything, then king of all eligible fibreglass statues is being installed in Czestochowa, Poland. Standing a whopping 13.8 metres (45.3ft) the late pontiff Pope John Paul II will stand looking over Polands' most important pilgrimage site, the Jasna Gora monastery, arms open, being probably the tallest Pope statue in the world.

"Left a bit, left a bit...ah yes, that's the spot!"

For more on Gigantopope click here.

If your thing is rough and homeless then Grant Pass, Oregan, USA is the place to go. A mere 17 foot tall fibreglass caveman complete with club. He has been hanging around the same spot since the early '70s but some of the locals feel its about time he was moved on.

"After this I'm going clubbing"

Someone what live dere did writ that he be a "connotation that we are all a bunch of illiterates". Whatever that means.
Harsh words though, considering that this poor neanderthal has just recovered from being set on fire in 2004.

For the full story on this chap's evolution click here.

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