Tuesday 28 May 2013

This Month in Fibreglass: May 2013

Welcome to our new feature comprising of everything that has made the news in fibreglass this month and I managed to think of a pun for. It may inspire you, it may not. It could make you smile, although that's not guaranteed.

Hot Cross Done!

CFS customer Gateguards have completed the 20m high Celtic Cross Monument. Located at the border of Devon & Cornwall near Saltash at a cost of £500,000.
The finish is cold cast resin copper with details of gold leaf, with carbon fibre also used in the construction.
Find out more about the cross here.

Amazing Busts
Winter: "Why does my face feel sticky?"

The New York Botanical Gardens have just installed four 15 foot tall fibreglass busts.

 American artist Philip Haas was inspired by Giuseppe Arcimboldo’s ‘Four Seasons’ portraits.
Find more about the busts here

Fibreglass Tanks 0 - Concrete Bridge 1

Soon it will be all just water [tanks] under the bridge
No surprise, the bridge won this round, but an epic fail to the truck driver who decided on a detour and ended up getting in some bother with the police.....

Big Blue Cock Ruffles Feathers

A conservation group has objected to a 15ft tall fibreglass cockerel being planned for the fourth plinth at Trafalgar Square.
One objector said "I do wonder what Nelson’s reaction would have been after returning home from battle only to be greeted by the French emblem standing proudly in the centre of London."
Although the artist claims that "the cockerel is a symbol for regeneration, awakening and strength".
You can read the full story here.

Head Found In River

We shall name him "Bob"
A rowing team found a fibreglass head floating down the Hudson River. "No-body" has come forward to claim it as yet.

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