Monday 24 June 2013

This Month in Fibreglass: June 2013

This month, a special on big things in fibreglass. Are there any limits to size? Apparently there aren't. Check out this month for huge international GRP news and puns-a-plenty.

Fibreglass Eyeball Pops Out

I'd say things are looking up

The eye is called "SPARTA", it's 30 foot across and is being moved to Dallas for a 2 year art display according to this report.

These moulds are an eyesore, and the jokes are getting cornea too.

The impressive eye is only one of the huge fibreglass creations of FAST corp who make promotional
statues. See what they do at their website, there is some amazing stuff.

Whale Exhibit Makes A Krilling

Whale oil beef.  Hooked on the beach

Yep, it's a fibreglass whale and it's part of the Greenwich and Docklands International Festival. This 17 metre long installation is designed to draw attention to whaling and the increase in washed up bodies around the UK. This article will tell you more.

Legalise Batmobiles

Flaming backend, Batman!

Every sane fibreglass laminator person has considered manufacturing Batmobiles at one time in their life. Word of caution, you could end up needing a lawyer.

Ultimate Christmas Decorations

Where is the tree big enough to hang this?
Scare the children this Christmas with a 12ft soldier. Festive fibreglass for front rooms, only a small ceiling adjustment required and yours for $3999.99-ish.

And Finally...

Please be careful on the roads.

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