Thursday 27 June 2013

Customer Focus: Jamie Sims

One thing I can say about working at CFS is the variety of products made by our customers is outstanding and Jamie's work output is no different. Armour for a Swedish power metal band? Oh, that's not unusual, really. Fortunately metal-band armour doesn't [probably] have to protect the wearer from small-arms fire but it has to meet 2 specifications, looking cool & looking quality, the perfect solution is cold casting.

Ammo. Not just spare crates, but just square plates

Made using cold cast aluminium and worn by Sabaton front-man Joakim Broden, I think Jamie's
armour creation totally looks the part in every respect.

Joakim in Sheffield sporting Jamies' armour plating
Jamie could also knock up a foam World War II fighter plane, or two, for the Golden Gods 2013 rock concert. Fuselage sculpted from Polyurethane foam, propellers and nose cone made from fibreglass.

For more examples and to contact Jamie, click here

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