Wednesday 5 February 2014

This Month in Fibreglass: January 2014

This month is a transport special: eaten Astons; ground Zeppelins; wood based car parts and strangely for a fibreglass blog it's 100% boat free!

Aston Martin Launches Dog Toy

What dirty mongrel did this?
The ultimate chew bone? Or possibly a dog that needs a little more "fibre" in its diet, either way it was the final straw for the guilty spaniel, who has been re-homed since this incident.
Doggy mindreader Helen Stone says, "We always say it is important that owners give their dogs
something that they are happy to chew on when on their own and things to do to keep them busy when their owners are out." I think this particular toy is spoiling it a little.

Pets At Home, the national pet shop chain, would probably not bother to comment on any questions about selling such a toy. Get the full story here.

Land Zeppelins Are Taking Off

Want to be eco friendly, discrete and separated from the dirty air of peasants as you float past them? A Land Zeppelin could be for you. Nothing screams safety like a Zeppelin and now you can attach one to your bike. Experience life as a tomato plant or just use it to protect you from the rain, it's so versatile. Brilliantly designed to allow you to hear everything people shout at you. Find out more here.

Sudden explosions will be mostly sorted out by production


Are Wood Cars The Future?

Wood fibres are now Fords' Focus

Ford usually get some stick, but now they have discovered a new technology in vehicle manufacture, all-natural, renewable fibres replacing traditional glass fibres to create what is being called "Cellulose Reinforced Polypropylene" - from this news bit. Making its debut in the new 2104 Lincoln MKX (?) the new fibreglass replacement is 6% lighter than standard fibreglass and made of trees from them there sustainable forests.

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