Tuesday 11 March 2014

This Month in Fibreglass: February 2014

Something we would like to ask regarding these thefts is, why? Just... why? And also... How?!

Firstly, someone with a penchant for long-necked mammals has swiped a fibreglass giraffe from someone's front garden.

Trudy in her natural habitat

The 12-foot model was taken in the dead of night from the garden of an animal-loving family in Sussex. 'Trudy', as she is affectionately known, was originally saved by the Tilley family from a disastrous fate - the tip.

Perhaps the thief has designs for a safari park set-up in their back garden? Or, in light of the recent flooding, maybe they're going for a Noah's Ark kind of vibe? If so, owners of fibreglass giraffes around the country will be on constant neighbourhood watch (they go two by two after all).

We only hope that the scoundrel responsible is aware that, as Mrs Tilley puts it, "For an inanimate object it has gone mental." We don't want any of this going on.

Source: The Argus


The chefs behind the world's largest fruit salad are going to be sorely disappointed when they discover that the 10-metre high mango they've nicked is actually made of fibreglass.

Spot the difference
The giant fruit was stolen, apparently by crane, from the Bowen Information Centre in Queensland. We say apparently - the mango itself was not covered by CCTV. When asked why, the Chairman responded with the following. "No one in their right mind considered for a second that someone would take a giant three storey high, 10 tonne mango. It's not like it's something that can be easily hidden." Fair enough!

If you thought this was weird enough - wait until you find out who stole it! AND it was eventually found covered in leafy branches, in the bush just behind the information centre. Let's hope they weren't looking too long...

Sources: SBS, Khaleej Times

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