Tuesday 8 April 2014

This Month in Fibreglass: March 2014

March's "This Month In Fibreglass" is a celebration of fibreglass in lifestyle. Whether it's living like a Bond villain, living la vida Buddha or a living-room sofa, it's all below. Read on.....

Bond Villain Simulator

Options include hot-tubs, en-suite bathrooms and thermo-nuclear missiles
Perhaps it's an obvious observation, but this does remind us of a lovely retirement home for the James Bond villain Stromberg. Things could have been so different - once world domination was complete, pop "Atlantis" on the market and spend the rest of your days floating about just off the Maldives, with a nice glass of brandy.

"Observe, Mr. Bond, the viewing lounge of armageddon." (actual quote)
However, this brainchild is really a concept of a floating holiday home (let's face it, it's a round boat). Intending to make it from fibreglass coated balsa (no, I wouldn't sail it too far from the coast either) and covered in solar panels, it's all carbon neutral. So you can live out your days guilt free, apart from the guilt of wiping out all of humanity.

Meditate This

He aint heavy, he's my Buddha
No home is complete without a 12ft Buddha, and here was your chance to buy one - looks like you missed out. The problem was getting it out of its current home, a theme bar that [surprisingly] didn't work out. Many enlightened ideas include cutting the head off or slicing it at the waist, but wouldn't that be really bad karma? I'd say yes. Read more about the buddha and the failed buddha themed bar here.

A Boot For A Backside

This Porsche can only be driven sofa
The ultimate present for a Porsche lover? Maybe. Or for anyone trying to achieve that authentic "car showroom" feel for your living room (not me). Anyway, apart from pleasing Porsche dealers and those who just can't get enough Porsche, these GRP car arses have a drinks cooler built in. Woot.

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