Wednesday 13 August 2014

This Month in Fibreglass: August 2014

As usual, a tenuous link to fibreglass with another animal special this month - including more proof that people really will steal anything.

Outrage as Cow is Stolen

If looks could kill...

Residents of the Australian town of Cowaramup (got to be Australian with a name like that) have been on the lookout for a 3 legged cow... made of fibreglass.

It usually has four legs, but one was tragically lost as it was ripped from its base outside a business in the town.

This golden nugget of information was gleaned from the CCTV footage of the thieves in action. Not too clever.

Out of 38 cows in the community, this is the fourth to be stolen. It's a crime wave.

Via Margaret River Mail


Not Quite Ninja Turtles

She's trying to keep a straight face.

Britain is jumping on the Aussie bandwagon with Lowestoft's addition of 14 turtles to its population.

Following the success of Norwich's gorillas last year, the hope is that they'll attract more visitors to the seaside town.

The sculptures will form a trail around the town's hotspots, being placed inside shops and public buildings, and there's a £500 prize for anyone who can find all 14 and solve an anagram.

If you fancy your chances, you've got until the end of the month to hunt them down.

Via BBC News

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