Monday 15 September 2014

This Month in Fibreglass: September 2014 - A Roundup!

This month, the world of fibreglass has been... quiet.

There ain't a lot going on.

Not much is happening, to be honest.

So what better time to have a little trip down memory lane and revisit some of our most popular posts? I can feel your excitement building already. There are puns galore!

Let's go!

Everyone knows we're big fans of the fibreglass animal kingdom here at CFS - give us a sexy puffingiant blue chicken, or a beached whale and we'll be putty in your hands. Partial to the odd cow too.

But it's our customers that really keep us going, and we've had some great submissions from really creative and talented people. There's VW Campers, psychedelic lights, Thunderbirds and more. Have a browse!

Who doesn't love Star Wars?

And finally, our most popular post of all time, ever! It's a collection of the ugliest cars we could find. Pure wastes of fibreglass, the lot of them.

Here's an especially glorious example...

If you can bear to look at the rest of them again, click here. If you're still scarred from last time, we don't blame you.

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