Thursday 9 October 2014

This Month in Fibreglass: October 2014

In a desperate and unashamed Halloween connection, we've compiled, or scraped, the ultimate top 3 GRP death beds. Sites where fibreglass was once made for luxury or fun, but is now decayed and creepy (and you'll see, there is a very fine line between fun and fear). Abandoned, rotting reinforced plastics for your delight and entertainment. Enjoy.

3. Grisley World

This is, or was, "Nara Dreamland Theme Park", Japan. A showcase of what can happen after just 8 years of abandonment. Brought to our attention in this article in the Mail Online Travel section.

"Ultraman, please wake up, the world needs you."
Thanks go to Michael Turtle who [maybe broke in? I'm not sure] took 150 photos of the now silent fun park, and great quotes from him include:
'Oddly, I would even look behind me sometimes [on the roller-coasters] to make sure there were no carriages coming.' and, 'It's not hard to imagine some disaster in the area which forced everyone to leave suddenly.' We really recommend viewing the article, which has many fascinating photos and plenty of amusement in the comments too.

2. Christine 2

"Well, restoration isn't cheap. But you'll make it back on the meat it brings home."
 Those of us that have seen the classic Stephen King movie "Christine" may get a chill viewing these American fibreglass sports cars waiting restoration in a secret location somewhere in Florida. Click this link to see all the photos.

Green field Cinderellas, or just ladies in waiting?
These cars are from 'Forgotten Fiberglass', a group of enthusiasts whose aim is to find and restore as many classic plastic vehicles from the (very) old days as possible. Their website is also home to the brochures, adverts, manuals and paperwork for many GRP models from the early days of  kit cars. It's impressive what the early GRP moulders could do over 60 years ago.

1. FAST Frights

Giant handless mouse. Why does it exist and why does it want to kill you.
Although covered in this blog before, no fibreglass graveyard list would be complete without F.A.S.T. (Fiberglass Animals, Shapes & Trademarks)  Wisconsin, USA.

"You know that clown fish I had for dinner, it tasted funny."
I guess all you need to know about FAST is this......
"The operators of FAST welcome visitors who want to stroll among the bizarre rural collection. They do warn you to look out for hornet's nests, although whether they mean giant or otherwise is unclear." More pictures and info here!

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