Wednesday 12 November 2014

This Month in Fibreglass: November 2014

All the latest international fibreglass news, scraped to you directly from the bottom of the barrel and still smelling fresh. This month: Royalty, Bovinery, eroticary and property.

Charlie Views Charlie Sub

"I do agree, she has some unusually shaped ballast tanks, but lets talk about the sub."
Prince Charles of Wales and Camilla Parker-Bowels, also of Wales, have been on a four day "butchers hook" around Columbia and Mexico this month. Apparently the highlight has been the viewing of this homemade fibreglass submersible used to smuggle up-to, but not exceeding, 2 tonnes
of cocaine. That much powder in such a small space is quite an achievement. When asked about a little hold inside the sub, the coastguards respectfully declined.

Calf In, Calf Out

Daisy's attempt to escape her dinner date went badly wrong.
Reminding me of a dream I once had, this is the famous Kyloe cow of Edinburgh, but it's days are over. What's at steak? Well, despite a campaign and Scottish TV news coverage, planning permission is refused, so she wont be allowed to hang out of her listed building's window any time soon. It's sad for the front half but according to this planning notice, at least the back half can stay! Unfortunately this is all a victory to the complainers, lets give them all a pat on the head.

Dummy Makes Valid Points

A window display for a ladder shop (ladder removed)
There's nothing like art to give me an excuse to post a saucy picture and this month the art has arrived to post one such saucy picture. Allen Jones is responsible for many pieces of forniphilia, a new word we have learned this month (click the link to find out what it means). The Royal Academy is showing a retrospective of Mr Jones' work including some fibreglass greats such as "Hat Stand" (pictured above) and the infamous "Chair", which I suggest you check out. If you want to read a critique on the art show, then I was teached by this Telegraph article - let's get cultured!

 Shark Attic!

Nemo suddenly realised he had outgrown his tank
You'll need to snap this one up quick, but the famous Headington shark house is up for rent and could be jaws for only £2250 per month. 
"The 7.5 metre fibreglass shark attracted worldwide fame when it arrived on this otherwise fairly remarkable street in August 1986, on the 41st anniversary of the dropping of the atomic bomb on Nagasaki, seemingly as a statement of the homeowner’s feeling of despair at the nuclear threat of the time. Despite the local council’s attempts to get rid of it, the shark survived, thanks to an appeal to the then secretary of state for the environment, Michael Heseltine."
For the full story see this Business Insider report.

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