Wednesday 10 December 2014

This Month In Fibreglass: December 2014

This month's Christmas special is all about ridiculous GRP (Glass Reinforced Pressies). Let's be honest, do you really want these things? Really? ....You should all be ashamed.

Sith Gear

This car can sense your presents
What would Darth Vader choose to take Mrs Vader to the McDonalds drive-thru? How about a bespoke corvette modelled on a distorted version of the mask that covers the disgusting burned remains of his real face. Well Darth does still have an ego to maintain and that could be why Hot Wheels have had this real car made to feature their new Star Wars themed toy car range.

Full details on Darth's car can be found here, but the highlights include a claimed 526 horsepower, several Star Wars audio effects, a smoke-making device that activates when the hatch is opened (for full dramatic effect) and a paint job that's a bit on the dark side. Dramatic video below!

Surfing The Chanel

Scratch n Sniff - Smells like your Mum
If, like me, you watch a lot of telly, you couldn't have missed Chanel's Christmas advert. Featuring not only an acoustic version of the Grease classic, "You're the one that I want (ooh, ooh, ooh)" and a surfing lady, but also this smart surfboard made of carbon fibre. Not only does it look the part, it is real and copies are available to buy from Chanel. Price POA, of course. If you haven't seen the ad, I sniffed out the full length version and posted it below.

Fibreglass Marvel

What has 142 teeth and holds back the incredible hulk?

I very nearly bought one of these 10 foot tall Hulks, just to scare the children. At only (if my sums are correct) £8000 a piece, possibly a pair. Obviously I pulled out of the deal when I discovered that the ceilings in my house are considerably lower.

Iron men, without their Iron boards
What we have here then is quite a shop - "Comicave" in Dubai. They sell a phenomenal range of comic book collectibles like Mr Hulk - he is 100% finest fibreglass. So it could be the perfect place to get your last minute gifts for the spoilt brat that has everything.

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