Tuesday 17 February 2015

This Month in Fibreglass: February 2015

This month's "This Month" is dedicated to being careful. It's health and safety gone mad. Hopefully the following blog will keep you safe, maybe out of prison, or help you avoid being cursed by an ancient Egyptian king. It's not just entertainment we provide here, but important lifestyle information too.

P-P-P-Pickup These Penguins

Just chillin' out - It's what penguins do best.

Fibreglass ice has berg-ered up these dumb penguins' footing at "The Deep" in Hull aquarium. It requires a non-slip coating. So be careful out there, fibreglass is slipperier than ice - FACT!

Penguin - showing off

Not suggesting that these penguins are spoiled but....
"Their £750,000 exhibit, based on an old South Georgia whaling station, gives visitors views of the penguins across three floors, both underwater and on land, and features the penguins' very own outdoor balcony with views overlooking the Humber."

Full story here.


Israeli sailors - showing off

WARNING!! That tin of resin you keep in the back of that old, white Citroen van of yours, could land you in serious hot water. We found this disturbing news article, and it quotes nearly this...

"The Israel Navy and Shin Bet intelligence agency have disclosed that the boat seized last month was carrying materials for making weapons. The boat, which was travelling from Sinai to the Gaza Strip, had been carrying fibreglass resin."

Don't tell anyone, but we have tons of the stuff here. Gulp.


Tutankhamun - Really showing off

Imagine you are in charge of cleaning a priceless, 3000 year old gold Pharoah mask, you'd be pretty careful wouldn't you? Imagine being a bit heavy handed with the Mr Sheen and cloth and his golden beard just, well, broke off in your hand. It happened, and to prove that these people are probably closer to bicycle restorer than antiquity restorer, they slapped it back on with a big blob of epoxy resin. I guess they wanted to make sure.
Some wonderful quotes include....

The obvious, “The problem was that they tried to fix it in half an hour and it should have taken them days”.
The enjoyable,"epoxy is not the best solution to fix artefacts”
Ending with the satisfying.... "the man in charge has been moved to another museum." Phew.

The full story can be found here and on about a thousand other news sites.

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