Monday 16 March 2015

This Month in Fibreglass: March 2015

Death. The end. The inevitable extinction. It doesn't just happen to the living, fibreglass can also die and sometimes it can be just as sad, much like my puns. Here's this month's news rehash, copy and paste!

Putting down the Daisy

The grass is always greener on the "other side"

The Kyloe cow, we barely knew you.
Loyal readers (I know you're out there) may remember our article on the plight of our bovine lady and the controversy of her situation. Well, the planning department won and she was given a funeral as special as any state one; complete with 60 mourners and coffin carriers in cow onesies. Touching. I got my info here.

Watching over us from above


Taking Libertines

Easter in my basement - totally normal.

Those of you who know music from the last 15 years or so (not me) may be familiar with the work of one Peter Doherty - he has been in various ensembles from the hit parade including (thanks Wikipedia) The Libertines and Babyshambles. More likely though, you would have heard of him from the papers for, how can I put this, "substance misdemeanors", or his on-off relationship with some models (fashion not airfix).
Turns out that he spent 5 hours in alginate and ended up with himself, made of fibreglass, bolted to a crucifix. The moral dilemma is it's hanging in a church and being auctioned for charity, with a reserve price of £13,000. Interested or outraged? Find out more here!

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