Wednesday 15 July 2015

This Month In Fibreglass: July 2015

Artists: they do like a bit of the fibreglass for their creations, so we have put together our (cleanish) tribute to the artist who probably uses GRP to create some of the wackiest forms ever. This month: Atelier Van Lieshout and his fibreglass buildings - or 'walk-in sculptures'. Maybe he has inspired me to take some resin home, maybe not.

Meet the Flintstones

Blow down one end and it plays a tune
Starting with something almost normal is this "Original Dwelling", unveiled last month at last months Design Miami/Basel fair. It's primitive, made to make you think of cave dwellers, but it's a vision of the future as well - a future where we live in tribes and are all hippies. Kill. Me. Now.

So, the white sculpture measures approximately ten by seven metres, and includes a bedroom, a playroom, a bar, a lounge and a dressing room. Sounds good so far, but if you would like something a little more pretentious, try this on for size:
"The Original Dwelling makes a link with the Modernist Movement, but its organic shapes and primitive production methods challenge Modernism," said the studio. For more see this place.

Eaters Digest

Putting the F back into arts
Ahh, the cafe culture of mainland Europe, outdoors, some lovely summer weather. What a place to enjoy a coffee. Unless you stumble upon "The Bar Rectum". Here it is set up somewhere in Vienna (circa 2010). Look closely, I think the eye follows you around the room.

On the hole, a nice place to enjoy a drink
These photos are taken from here along with this quote, "As offensive or disgusting as this Rectum Bar may be for some, it is also rather educational, for it illustrates an anatomically correct digestion track with great detail, going from tongue to anus, and the large intestine."

The Bikini Bar

These Lilliputians were not so kind to Gulliver.
And finally, this! With added quote from website.
"A meeting point for elderly people: beautiful, cruel and sensual, with a nice interior space. Both art and architecture, BikiniBar represents a building as a sculpture and a sculpture as a building. There is a place to rest inside, where people can withdraw from the busy beach life or bad weather. BikiniBar is the only female body you can enter without permission."

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