Wednesday 5 August 2015

This Month in Fibreglass: August 2015

This summer, step-thru to see sentient scooters, spectacular slates and a surprised sheep. Mmm... sexy.

Automatic Love

2 strokes and she's anybody's
If, like me, you've spent many a night worrying what would happen if technology began to think, it may be best to avoid Patricia Piccinini's vision of the future. Can we live in a world where our scooters keep wandering off to snuggle up to anything with two wheels? No we can't. I don't care how cute they are.
The website on which I saw these godless creatures says....

"Her machines are wrapped in an affectionate embrace. “I’m totally into car culture,” Patricia Piccinini says. “I grew up in the suburbs and I was enamoured of the Mod scene. In the suburbs, that’s what you do: you customise your scooter and you customise your car. Cars are art. I had this vision of Vespas as sentient creatures who reach the point where they might evolve in unpredictable ways.”"

These little piaggios are almost ready to leave the nest

And by evolving she means little baby scooters? Ahh.
However, these are just the tip of a very crazy iceberg. If you love grotesquely cute, check out her website.

 What A Pitch

Welsh slate?
Thought we would show you a picture of some slate work. Wrong! Thanks to Neil from Shapes GRP for these pictures of his project. Of course they are in fact fibreglass slate panels.

Not Wales

We must say, they certainly look the part, and no doubt are cheaper than the real thing. Quicker to fit too!

If this wonderful roof has made you realise that your own roof could use some TLC, we've got 20% off all our roof trims until the end of August 2015. Just so you know!

Welsh leisure centre
Also, Neil has sent a picture of a lamb as an added bonus. Nice!

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