Wednesday 16 September 2015

Andy dons a helmet!

If you've been a customer of ours for a while, you may remember that one of our longest standing members of staff, Andy, retired in October last year.

Now, knowing that Andy is a bit of a petrol head - we thought we'd treat him to a day driving some awesome cars around Castle Combe Circuit! (Better than a carriage clock, eh?)

He had a go in four cars in total, a Fiesta ST, a Focus ST, a Formula Ford Open Wheel and a Lotus Elise. Having been most looking forward to the Open Wheel, he was surprised to find that his favourite turned out to be the Lotus - we were mostly surprised his long legs could fit in it! 

"It was a great day, and highly memorable... thanks to all at CFS." - Straight from the horses mouth! 

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