Wednesday 3 February 2016

CFS Visit to Padstow Boatyard

On Tuesday this week, Ross and myself took a trip up to Padstow Boatyard to see how they're getting on with their latest project, the PD15. And they're getting on pretty well!

Designed by Falmouth based marine design consultancy, Pelagic Design Ltd, using the striking traditional Cornish colours of black and gold, she really is going to be an impressive sardine fishing vessel.

Will Claxton, of Claxton Composites, and his team built the huge 50ft mould by hand, from scratch. He said he's hoping to get at least one more hull out of it before it goes to the scrapheap!

The laminate is incredibly sturdy, and around 2 inches thick, having 9 layers of 600 CSM and Combination Mat behind that Kernow-loving gelcoat.

3 holds will safely store the catch in ice water - each one weighing 1 tonne and having a 30m3 capacity.

The project started in January 2015, so they've come a long way in a reasonably short time. We can't wait to see her all finished!

Here are a few photos of the work in progress.

The hand-made mould - too long to fit in one shot!

Here's a shot with Ross and his little pea-head for an idea of scale!
5-blade propellor in place

Birds-eye view of the holds where the catch will be safely stored.

With thanks to Will Claxton and Padstow Boatyard, check out their Facebook page or call them on 07973 692912!

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