Tuesday 16 February 2016

This Month In Fibreglass: February 2016

This month is about new farmyard experiences. We bet you have never milked a fibreglass cow or chilled out in a fibreglass egg......

Man Points at Cows Neck

"Grass goes in this end"
Usually, if you were to ask Prince Charles if he is milking it you may expect to get quietly killed in your sleep, but Mark Hillman of the charity Send A Cow, can get away with it. The name of this particular fibreglass cow is Milky Way, and is 100% milkable with working udders. Phwoaarrr! Charles declined the offer of a squeeze, despite the fact he has been waiting for his gold top for quite some time. See Send a Cow for info on their work.

Get Baked

Nanoo Nanoo
Want to escape in a "trance-inducing field of color, music and vibration" without taking drugs? Maybe you should jump on a rich-hippy-bandwagon and create one of these with your own fibreglass skills. Yes, I know it's more effort than drugs, but there may be some money in this. Is it a fibreglass womb, or an egg, or both? Who knows. But for $10,000 you get the following features: temperature-controlled waterbed, integrated sound system and full spectrum LED lighting that can pulse with the music. It's called The Transport and it's here.

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