Friday 7 October 2011

British couple fly around the world in home-made plane

Surrey couple, Patrick Elliott and Linda Walker, have returned from a year-long round the world trip in a fibreglass plane that Patrick built himself.

The structure was brought to life on the couple's driveway and in their garage - which they had to extend when the plane got too large. Each part of the plane is made of foam, covered in glass fibre and sealed with resin to cope with high pressure.

The whole build process took 16 years to complete, with the couple travelling to America to source specific engine parts. The costs of the build are unknown, but the money spent on fuel for their trip totals around £12,000.

Elliott, a former British Airways pilot, flew the plane with his wife in tow across 23 countries on 99 flights.

According to wife Linda, the biggest achievement is that the couple are still on speaking terms!

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