Monday 3 October 2011

Japanese Engineering Co Moulds Fibreglass Escape Pod

The Japanese engineering company Cosmo Power has developed 'Noah' - a fibreglass ball that they say will provide protection in the event of a tsunami.

'Noah' by Cosmo Power in Japan - a fibreglass escape pod

The pods, that somewhat resemble giant tennis balls, have been designed to hold 4 adults and the company has already had orders for 600 of the fibreglass units.
Each unit has a window and breathing holes, and according to the manufacturer they have been subjected to appropriate crash testing.
The pods have been developed following the devastating effects of the massive earthquake and subsequent tsunami that hit Japan in March this year.
Each 'Noah' (named after the builder of the biblical ark), costs around 300,000 which is approximately £2500.
People concerned about the expense of something that they - hopefully - will never have to use, are assured that the pods make an excellent play-house for children.

How effective do you think the pods would be? Let us know in the comments.

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