Friday 19 April 2013

Customer Focus: Audiosport

The VW Campervan of my childhood holidays had a number of nicknames: the Hippie Bus, Breadloaf, Bumblebus, Veedub, Splitty and Piece of C**p (that was my dads' favourite). Unreliable, noisy and full of rust, yes, but with bags of charm & personality.

Skip to the 21st century and the T4 and T5 transporters, the evolution of those old vans, are now so refined that people buy them instead of a car, but don't they lack the charm of their 50's & 60's forerunners. There is hope though.....
Audiosport manufacture external and internal fibreglass embellishments to turn that former plumbers van into something more unique, personal or even magazine cover-worthy like their own van below.

Add some Carlos Fandango wheels, drive to the beach and look cooool. Of course they will take on anything, even my dream of a VW Scooby Doo Mystery Machine to drive around solving crimes (they won't supply the required friends, though).

Find out more about Audiosport here.

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