Tuesday 30 July 2013

This Month in Fibreglass: July 2013

This month's watery special edition includes breasts, Pride and Prejudice and amphicars. You can't say we don't try to cater for all tastes here.

Charity Boobs
Water- melons
Let us raise our glasses or jugs or even cups to these bra-ve kite surfers who (at the time of writing) are going to tow these pink fibreglass breasts across the Torres Straits near Papua New Guinea. This up-lifting story isn't just all about fun either, the McGrath Foundation breast cancer charity will be benefiting from the excursion. I hope they have plenty of support and the water isn't too nippy.

One For The Ladies

Emerging from the serpentine, a 12ft tall fibreglass Colin Firth starts destroying London in a period

drama style King Kong re-make. Someone get a giant Elizabeth Bennett to defeat this beast.

World's Fastest Car-Boat
They've been given the willies
Up there in the "I-would-if-I-had-loads-of-money-and-was-running-out-of-things-to-spend-it-on" bracket is this Jeep on the water. Just to whet your appetite: 3.7 litre v-tech engine, 45 mph on the water, over 80mph on the road and £89,000 is all you'll need.

Floating 500's
"Hello, RAC? I think my engine is flooded".
Less hi-tech, but definitely more chic, are these Fiats, "modified" for some imaginative marketing!
The quote:
"Genuine Fiat 500 bodies were grafted on to the watercraft, with all the mechanicals necessary for travel on land removed. Exterior gaps were sealed by foam and the wheels were remounted once the body was water-tight and prepped for ocean duty. Fibreglass pontoons were added for stability, while fins help keep the vehicle agile in the water. The craft's hull is constructed from fibreglass, and Fiat tells us much of the modification work focused on adapting the body to the watercraft, not making it float."
Read the full story here.

Flatpack Boat
The self assembly boat (it's the small one!)
I really love this little speedboat that packs down into 2 bags and weighs a total of 36kg. Apparently it can be assembled by one person in 3 minutes, with a beer in their hand (they obviously have not met me) or two people in one minute.
 A comforting quote: "Quickboats insists its design is safe as is made from advanced composites such as high-end fibreglass and Kevlar ".
The quickboat. Just prior to being covered in beer
It cost around the £2850 mark. Read more about it here.

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