Tuesday 3 September 2013

This Month in Fibreglass: August 2013

August has brought us Robots, Ferraris, Big Boats, A Giant Potato and an Aston Martin. All in the news this month and none of it important.

Job-Stealing Robots
Are you winding me up?
Be afraid, according to this report (which includes a short but entrancing video) someone has created a robot that will make GRP furniture. "The custom-built contraption slowly wraps resin-soaked fibreglass thread around a simple mould, working its way up layer by layer until the whole object is covered." My dream job in a nutshell.

Kit Car Crooks Caught
"yeah mate, this is one of them rare 4 cylinder Ferraris, it's very valuable."
Some naughty lads in Spain have been caught making fake supercars. In this report, several dodgy Ferraris and Aston Martins were seized, which they were trying to pass off as the real thing.....
The suspects "themselves made the fibreglass pieces to transform the cars". Contact Valencia police if you want to buy the moulds.

Watch Boat-Building 
The long running Discovery Channel TV show "How It's Made" have posted this video on that YouTube. Showing spray gelcoating and spray lay up, you can sit back and imagine the smell in this factory. Breathe in......

 Patient Man Builds Aston Martin
Listen up Bond, your new car is behind schedule
Using a 3D printer and 4 inch square bits of plastic, this Aston Martin DB4 is very slowly taking shape. Ultimately a pattern for some conventional GRP moulds but you have to admire the guys' determination to do it the slow way. More details here

Designer Dislikes Fibreglass

"Royal Pimp my Ride" It never caught on.
Shona Heath designer to big names like Dior, Valentino and other names, isn't too keen on using the sticky stuff in an interview about the fibreglass taxis she made for J.Crew. "Fibreglass is horrible stuff," she says. "It's made out of this tissue-paper stuff and smells obnoxious." Fair point, but that's the reason many of us like it.
Spud Meets Sauce
It's taken this long to ketchup

It must be coincidence, but what are the chances of a 28ft long fibreglass potato meeting the largest sauce bottle? I dug up this story to prove it happened. Sorry, but no UK dates for the potato tour yet.

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