Monday 30 September 2013

Customer Focus: October 2013

Welcome to our first customer corner. A quick look into the outside world, a place to share, and show off your projects. This month I'd like to thank David, Alec and Andrew for their feedback.

Shell Shock
"It is dangerous, but you can get the bird to lay directly into the cup"
Chicken welfare is usually the last thing on our minds when we are enjoying a bacon 'n' egg sarnie, but CFS customer Andrew Noble (ret.) has made this beauty for the Freedom Foods' campaign "Simply Ask". An egg that has now been autographed by many celebrity chefs. So this answers the question of which came first, Andrew hasn't even started on a fibreglass chicken yet.

Defending The Nation
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Yep, it's plane

Many thanks to Alec Cornish-Trestrail who has shared his DeHavilland Sea Vixen FAW2. Amazingly it is 1:8 scale, do my eyes deceive me! Powered by two 54mm diameter turbojets it can reach speeds 

in excess of 120mph in level flight (makes a pretty good noise too, i expect).
 The Vixen is epoxy / glass / carbon / kevlar made from Alec's own moulds from 20 years ago. Features include retractable landing gear flaps and dive brake. Matched up to my 1:8th scale nuke, the populations of all model villages will now bow to their new leaders, muahahahaha.

Drag it out, fold it up, take it home
It's 1978 and David Peppiat is showing off his invention the "Maverick", a genius trailer / boat combo to a magazine journalist. Nice bell bottoms, Dave!!
Amazingly, David left the country for a fully international career, leaving his boat design and tooling to be made under licence while he was away. He recently found that 20 had been produced in his absence. So, how about a chance sighting of the same Maverick number 2 on the internet for sale. Here it is....

Same boat - 35 years later!
David bought it and now with fully restored woodwork, currently sailing the Kent region just like in '78.

Have you a fibreglass project to share? Please email us.


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