Monday 30 September 2013

This Month in Fibreglass: September 2013

The lighter side of the international fibreglass news stories from around the world. This month's treats are a fake Bugatti, an old lady and some big balls. Yes, it's been a quiet month, I can't help that.

Hotel Balls Up
Isn't it nice in sphere!
Yes, you can live like Tarzan for only £90 a night according to this news. A Canadian man has invested £100,000 each (whaaa?) in these wood/fibreglass 15ft conkers to rent out to anyone who wants to
rock themselves to sleep (in the breeze). An examination of the interiors shows no toilet facilities within the spheres, but it is the woods, so you can do what the bears do.

Old Lady Sits On Bench
Saltash in Cornwall likes a bit of fibreglass about the place. After installing a 60ft celtic cross they have backed it up with a fibreglass statue of Ann Glanville, a water woman who was pretty good with an oar, apparently. Best thing though - press a button and she talks, so take a seat and hear about when this was all fields and kids have no respect, etc...

Bugatti Vey-wrong
A spokesman for Bugatti was unable to comment, was choking
Added for no other reasons than it made me laugh and I am very pleased with the title, those Indians (asian, not red) have produced a car with the faintest whiff of Veyron. Strap yourself in for 1.3 litres of Suzuki based mayhem. It's not going to cost you much money but you may need to leave your self respect as a deposit. This is from a good blog post about super car kits though.

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