Friday, 19 April 2013

Customer Focus: Audiosport

The VW Campervan of my childhood holidays had a number of nicknames: the Hippie Bus, Breadloaf, Bumblebus, Veedub, Splitty and Piece of C**p (that was my dads' favourite). Unreliable, noisy and full of rust, yes, but with bags of charm & personality.

Skip to the 21st century and the T4 and T5 transporters, the evolution of those old vans, are now so refined that people buy them instead of a car, but don't they lack the charm of their 50's & 60's forerunners. There is hope though.....

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Big month for fibreglass statues

If you are over 20 feet tall and made of plastic, the worlds eyes are probably focused squarely on you. 2013 looks to be dubbed "The Year of the Fibreglass Statue!" or not, but everyone wants one, it seems. I am sure there's a lady statue out there for these three handsome chaps.

Starting in the good 'ol US of A, lucky lumberjack Big Mike has been restored & moved to Hayward California. Mike is 20ft tall, keeping shy of his weight but has a GSOH and dazzling green eyes.

"Ladies, this is how I hold my axe"

Full story on Big Mikes' erection click here.

Next on the list of eligible man statues is Zuverman or He-Man or simply The Giant, whatever his name is this gent was born in the '60's, also 20ft tall and is one ton of pure plastic muscle.....