Wednesday, 14 January 2015

This Month In Fibreglass: January 2015

Welcome to 2015! Can you believe it? Neither can we.

And to truly ring in the new year in style, what better than a random selection of news stories from across the globe - all with a tenuous link to fibreglass? Nothing! Here goes...

Northern Nudes

She's being restored... but she really ain't happy about it

The town of Doncaster is buzzing this month, amidst news that a beloved sculpture is to be restored to its former glory.
The giant fibreglass artwork, The Lovers, sparked much clutching of pearls when it was first unveiled in 1968. It was originally installed in the fountain of the then Arndale Centre, and proved to become a beloved fixture over the years. It seemingly disappeared in the mid-1980s during the centre's rebranding as the Frenchdale Centre.

But! In 2006, it came to light that The Lovers had been canoodling at the bottom of someone's garden for some 20+ years. There was even a Facebook group set up in its honour.