Wednesday, 10 December 2014

This Month In Fibreglass: December 2014

This month's Christmas special is all about ridiculous GRP (Glass Reinforced Pressies). Let's be honest, do you really want these things? Really? ....You should all be ashamed.

Sith Gear

This car can sense your presents
What would Darth Vader choose to take Mrs Vader to the McDonalds drive-thru? How about a bespoke corvette modelled on a distorted version of the mask that covers the disgusting burned remains of his real face. Well Darth does still have an ego to maintain and that could be why Hot Wheels have had this real car made to feature their new Star Wars themed toy car range.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

This Month in Fibreglass: November 2014

All the latest international fibreglass news, scraped to you directly from the bottom of the barrel and still smelling fresh. This month: Royalty, Bovinery, eroticary and property.

Charlie Views Charlie Sub

"I do agree, she has some unusually shaped ballast tanks, but lets talk about the sub."
Prince Charles of Wales and Camilla Parker-Bowels, also of Wales, have been on a four day "butchers hook" around Columbia and Mexico this month. Apparently the highlight has been the viewing of this homemade fibreglass submersible used to smuggle up-to, but not exceeding, 2 tonnes
of cocaine. That much powder in such a small space is quite an achievement. When asked about a little hold inside the sub, the coastguards respectfully declined.

Friday, 17 October 2014

A fond farewell...

The CFS Team
It was a funny sort of day in the CFS office yesterday, as we waved goodbye to one of the longest serving members of the team.

Thursday, 9 October 2014

This Month in Fibreglass: October 2014

In a desperate and unashamed Halloween connection, we've compiled, or scraped, the ultimate top 3 GRP death beds. Sites where fibreglass was once made for luxury or fun, but is now decayed and creepy (and you'll see, there is a very fine line between fun and fear). Abandoned, rotting reinforced plastics for your delight and entertainment. Enjoy.

3. Grisley World

This is, or was, "Nara Dreamland Theme Park", Japan. A showcase of what can happen after just 8 years of abandonment. Brought to our attention in this article in the Mail Online Travel section.

"Ultraman, please wake up, the world needs you."
Thanks go to Michael Turtle who [maybe broke in? I'm not sure] took 150 photos of the now silent fun park, and great quotes from him include:
'Oddly, I would even look behind me sometimes [on the roller-coasters] to make sure there were no carriages coming.' and, 'It's not hard to imagine some disaster in the area which forced everyone to leave suddenly.' We really recommend viewing the article, which has many fascinating photos and plenty of amusement in the comments too.

2. Christine 2

"Well, restoration isn't cheap. But you'll make it back on the meat it brings home."
 Those of us that have seen the classic Stephen King movie "Christine" may get a chill viewing these American fibreglass sports cars waiting restoration in a secret location somewhere in Florida. Click this link to see all the photos.

Monday, 15 September 2014

This Month in Fibreglass: September 2014 - A Roundup!

This month, the world of fibreglass has been... quiet.

There ain't a lot going on.

Not much is happening, to be honest.

So what better time to have a little trip down memory lane and revisit some of our most popular posts? I can feel your excitement building already. There are puns galore!

Let's go!

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

This Month in Fibreglass: August 2014

As usual, a tenuous link to fibreglass with another animal special this month - including more proof that people really will steal anything.

Outrage as Cow is Stolen

If looks could kill...

Residents of the Australian town of Cowaramup (got to be Australian with a name like that) have been on the lookout for a 3 legged cow... made of fibreglass.

Monday, 14 July 2014

This Month in Fibreglass: July 2014

Something old, something new, something bouncy, something huge. The 'best' of this month's fibreglass news feeds are here. It's not easy you know.

Noahs Arc-ade

All these machines still require 2 shillings to play.
Celebrating the worlds first coin-operated video game, the wonderfully titled "Computer Space". Four are displayed at a Japanese video games museum. What's it doing here you ask?

Friday, 6 June 2014

This Month in Fibreglass: June 2014

Please send any complaints about this month's blog's terrible titles to the email address on this page.
I have no regrets, none.

The Tracks of Might, Here's

Colonel Sims has had to postpone the revolution , the factory door is too small.
One of the many great things about working at CFS is that we get to see an ecletic mix of customer projects. None more extreme than this: Jamie Sims' 15ft light tank. I think he may be considering annexing parts of Leicestershire. If you live there, it's time to bow to your new leader.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

This Month in Fibreglass: May 2014

It's another month of fibreglass "not news", wrapped up in this cut-out-and-keep, witty blog. May has brought us sexy fibreglass puffins, another fibreglass house of sorts and a plastic that heals itself, deal with it.

Plastic Puffins

The look of love but the feel of plastic. The story of my life.
What do you do if your island is lacking in puffins? It's a question we have all asked ourselves at some point in our lives. If your island is Ramsey Island, and your fibreglass puffins don't do the job on their own, what you need is a puffin disco. A solar powered sound system playing the sounds of sexy

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

This Month in Fibreglass: March 2014

March's "This Month In Fibreglass" is a celebration of fibreglass in lifestyle. Whether it's living like a Bond villain, living la vida Buddha or a living-room sofa, it's all below. Read on.....

Bond Villain Simulator

Options include hot-tubs, en-suite bathrooms and thermo-nuclear missiles
Perhaps it's an obvious observation, but this does remind us of a lovely retirement home for the James Bond villain Stromberg. Things could have been so different - once world domination was complete, pop "Atlantis" on the market and spend the rest of your days floating about just off the Maldives, with a nice glass of brandy.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

This Month in Fibreglass: February 2014

Something we would like to ask regarding these thefts is, why? Just... why? And also... How?!

Firstly, someone with a penchant for long-necked mammals has swiped a fibreglass giraffe from someone's front garden.

Trudy in her natural habitat

The 12-foot model was taken in the dead of night from the garden of an animal-loving family in Sussex. 'Trudy', as she is affectionately known, was originally saved by the Tilley family from a disastrous fate - the tip.

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

This Month in Fibreglass: January 2014

This month is a transport special: eaten Astons; ground Zeppelins; wood based car parts and strangely for a fibreglass blog it's 100% boat free!

Aston Martin Launches Dog Toy

What dirty mongrel did this?
The ultimate chew bone? Or possibly a dog that needs a little more "fibre" in its diet, either way it was the final straw for the guilty spaniel, who has been re-homed since this incident.
Doggy mindreader Helen Stone says, "We always say it is important that owners give their dogs

Monday, 6 January 2014

This Month in Fibreglass: December 2013

Damaged fibreglass, damage done by fibreglass, damaged reputations, it's more crazy news that "involves fibreglass" in some way.

Tank Vs Bungalow

"When you said you wouldn't mind a roller parked on the driveway......."
Set free from a nearby distillery, this fibreglass tank took a 2 mile journey across Scotland before finally being halted by a bungalow. Judging by the damage, you wouldn't have wanted to be in the way of this thing during it's journey. No news on if the tank contained any booze.

Strawberry Vs Ground

Nothing says Happy New Year like a giant fibreglass strawberry being lowered from a hotel, but it helps