Tuesday, 30 July 2013

This Month in Fibreglass: July 2013

This month's watery special edition includes breasts, Pride and Prejudice and amphicars. You can't say we don't try to cater for all tastes here.

Charity Boobs
Water- melons
Let us raise our glasses or jugs or even cups to these bra-ve kite surfers who (at the time of writing) are going to tow these pink fibreglass breasts across the Torres Straits near Papua New Guinea. This up-lifting story isn't just all about fun either, the McGrath Foundation breast cancer charity will be benefiting from the excursion. I hope they have plenty of support and the water isn't too nippy.

One For The Ladies

Emerging from the serpentine, a 12ft tall fibreglass Colin Firth starts destroying London in a period