Tuesday, 2 August 2016

This Month In Fibreglass: August 2016

This month we have extreme up-cycling that makes you think about the war; an ultra luxury champagne glass that makes you think there is more money than sense; and deadly clear castings that make you ask, where's that been?

Up-Cycling V2.0

The V2 rocket built by the Germans as the "vengance weapon" and the first long range ballistic missile. If you happen to have one maybe half buried in the garden, dig it up now, cut a hole in the side (just be really, really careful) and voila! A lovely armchair for your childs bedroom. This month we are jumping on that Nazi themed bedroom furniture bandwagon to bring you "Rocky Rocket" just the thing to light up the eyes of any youngster with ideas of world domination.
Excitement builds as the first Rocky Rocket armchair is installed just outside of Berlin
Don't worry if you can't up-cycle a real V2 because, just like me, Rocky Rocket can be bought