Tuesday, 15 March 2016

This Month in Fibreglass: March 2016

A bit of everything from the World's Wide Webs this month. Be amazed at one mans dream of flight; look at a selection of fancy walls, and finally wonder where you will put the moulds for this massive space ship, before building a fleet of them and taking over the universe. YES? Oh... just me then.

Check Out My Chopper

Auditions for the new Airwolf were disappointing
Dreams: we all have them. Winning the lottery perhaps? Becoming a worldwide super-famous rock star with millions of fans? Or maybe, you just want to move to Mexico, dress in spandex, a mask and wrestle for small change. Well, you might never get to see me in South America so you'll have to admire the balls of this man instead. His name is Felix Kambwiri and he is my Hero of the Month (a new award).

Actually, I like this guy. Go to your shed now and build!
As you've probably guessed, our gutsy Malawian has dared to dream and, unlike many of us, his dream sits in his shed, made with his own two hands from some fibreglass (of course), some junk and a motorcycle engine.