Monday, 28 October 2013

This Month In Fibreglass: October 2013

It is statue or bust this month. An effigy special featuring Banksy's Ronald Mcdonald, a statue in the rain, naked and tied dog-humans and a devil horse, a tribute to the late Luis Jimenez.

Is This Clown Bothering You?

"Keep buffing, I'm lovin' it."

It's always nice to see top level artists using GRP, and from the man that has made so many non-fibreglass art works, it's Banksy the graffiti guy and his Ronald McDonald fibreglass statue with real life boot cleaning peasant. It (or more correct to say, they) have toured the McDonalds of New York in a "stick it to the corporation" style street art installation. No word as yet from the lawyers.

Alien Enjoys Cornish Weather

"Oh why didn't I just stay in the caravan?"
I am sure we have all felt like this chap, not only blue from cold but taking one in the face from a cloud