Tuesday, 17 February 2015

This Month in Fibreglass: February 2015

This month's "This Month" is dedicated to being careful. It's health and safety gone mad. Hopefully the following blog will keep you safe, maybe out of prison, or help you avoid being cursed by an ancient Egyptian king. It's not just entertainment we provide here, but important lifestyle information too.

P-P-P-Pickup These Penguins

Just chillin' out - It's what penguins do best.

Fibreglass ice has berg-ered up these dumb penguins' footing at "The Deep" in Hull aquarium. It requires a non-slip coating. So be careful out there, fibreglass is slipperier than ice - FACT!

Penguin - showing off

Not suggesting that these penguins are spoiled but....
"Their £750,000 exhibit, based on an old South Georgia whaling station, gives visitors views of the penguins across three floors, both underwater and on land, and features the penguins' very own outdoor balcony with views overlooking the Humber."

Full story here.