Tuesday, 16 February 2016

This Month In Fibreglass: February 2016

This month is about new farmyard experiences. We bet you have never milked a fibreglass cow or chilled out in a fibreglass egg......

Man Points at Cows Neck

"Grass goes in this end"
Usually, if you were to ask Prince Charles if he is milking it you may expect to get quietly killed in your sleep, but Mark Hillman of the charity Send A Cow, can get away with it. The name of this particular fibreglass cow is Milky Way, and is 100% milkable with working udders. Phwoaarrr! Charles declined the offer of a squeeze, despite the fact he has been waiting for his gold top for quite some time. See Send a Cow for info on their work.

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

CFS Visit to Padstow Boatyard

On Tuesday this week, Ross and myself took a trip up to Padstow Boatyard to see how they're getting on with their latest project, the PD15. And they're getting on pretty well!

Designed by Falmouth based marine design consultancy, Pelagic Design Ltd, using the striking traditional Cornish colours of black and gold, she really is going to be an impressive sardine fishing vessel.