Monday, 30 September 2013

This Month in Fibreglass: September 2013

The lighter side of the international fibreglass news stories from around the world. This month's treats are a fake Bugatti, an old lady and some big balls. Yes, it's been a quiet month, I can't help that.

Hotel Balls Up
Isn't it nice in sphere!
Yes, you can live like Tarzan for only £90 a night according to this news. A Canadian man has invested £100,000 each (whaaa?) in these wood/fibreglass 15ft conkers to rent out to anyone who wants to

Customer Focus: October 2013

Welcome to our first customer corner. A quick look into the outside world, a place to share, and show off your projects. This month I'd like to thank David, Alec and Andrew for their feedback.

Shell Shock
"It is dangerous, but you can get the bird to lay directly into the cup"
Chicken welfare is usually the last thing on our minds when we are enjoying a bacon 'n' egg sarnie, but CFS customer Andrew Noble (ret.) has made this beauty for the Freedom Foods' campaign "Simply Ask". An egg that has now been autographed by many celebrity chefs. So this answers the question of which came first, Andrew hasn't even started on a fibreglass chicken yet.

Defending The Nation
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Yep, it's plane

Many thanks to Alec Cornish-Trestrail who has shared his DeHavilland Sea Vixen FAW2. Amazingly it is 1:8 scale, do my eyes deceive me! Powered by two 54mm diameter turbojets it can reach speeds 

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

This Month in Fibreglass: August 2013

August has brought us Robots, Ferraris, Big Boats, A Giant Potato and an Aston Martin. All in the news this month and none of it important.

Job-Stealing Robots
Are you winding me up?
Be afraid, according to this report (which includes a short but entrancing video) someone has created a robot that will make GRP furniture. "The custom-built contraption slowly wraps resin-soaked fibreglass thread around a simple mould, working its way up layer by layer until the whole object is covered." My dream job in a nutshell.

Kit Car Crooks Caught
"yeah mate, this is one of them rare 4 cylinder Ferraris, it's very valuable."
Some naughty lads in Spain have been caught making fake supercars. In this report, several dodgy Ferraris and Aston Martins were seized, which they were trying to pass off as the real thing.....